Apple electric car could be with us in just four years

Apple Electric Car
Apple Electric Car

With Volkswagen being eaten alive by the media today for what has to be one of the biggest cock-ups in car history, it seems timely that Apple has apparently reported that its electric car may be ready sooner than we think. By 2019, in fact.

The Wall Street Journal’s Daisuke Wakabayashi is once again the source of this mysterious but so-far factually accurate info, shedding light on many new and interesting nuggets of knowledge about Apples ‘Project Titan’ electric car development scheme.

What does Wakabayashi’s latest article tell us? For a start, it seems that Apple has already tripled its workforce on the electric car scheme, which leads us to believe there could be up to 2000 bods now sinking their teeth into some serious Apple EV goodness. It’s also emerged that Apple could be not only designing, but actually building the iCars themselves in-house – a first for Apple products. Not many companies would be able to pull off this stunt financially, but Apple is one of the only ones we can think of that may actually have the dough (and balls) to pull this off…