Saturday, April 4, 2020

Formula E Beijing Preview: Trulli out of 1st race!

Trulli are sad to announce that they have failed scrutineering as our engines and inverters are still stuck in customs in Beijing. Due to this, they will not able to participate in tomorrow’s FIA Formula E race in Beijing.

Lucio Cavuto, Team Principal
“We are very sorry to announce that we unfortunately, won’t be able to compete in tomorrow’s race as our engines and inverters are still at the Beijing customs, which has made it impossible for us to complete our cars in time for today’s scrutineering and therefore we will not be able to participate in tomorrow’s race.

We would like to thank the FIA marshalls for kindly extending the scrutineering deadline last minute. And we would also like to thank FEH and NEXTEV Team China for their support and help with the Chinese customs the last couple of days.

We are now going to ask DHL Motorsport to handle our engines and inverters in customs, to be sent together with the rest of the team’s boxes so that they all get transported to Malaysia.

Now we focus on Putrayaja and to ensure that this incident will never happen again.”

Maurillio Micucci, Technical Director Motomatica
“We are sad to see that this has happened as we were looking forward to present the Motomatica powertrain in Formula E. We worked really hard to be ready for the first event, and we never expected to fail for such an issue since the crate with the engines and inverters has been in Beijing since the 8th October.”