BMW 330e hits the streets of the UK

BMW 330e

We first saw it at Frankfurt Motor Show, and now it’s finally here. The BMW 330e was always going to be a game-changing car for the firm, with its cutting-edge hybrid tech moving away from the concept-like i3 and i8s and into a more conventional, normal-person-friendly shell. But this ain’t no conventional car underneath, oh no…

Available from £33,935 in SE trim (and also available in all other trim levels across the range), the car features a boosted 2.0-litre petrol engine mated to an electric motor which is placed INSIDE the eight-speed gearbox.

bmw 330e

This leaves 248bhp and 420NM of torque, meaning 0-62mph is dealt with in just 6.1 seconds. And the MPG? Oh, just a measly 141.2. Yes, you read that right!

BMW is keen to stress that this remains a rear-wheel-drive executive sports saloon. If everything it promises proves true, we think we’ve just found ourselves the ultimate daily driver…