Calls to ban combustion engines in London amidst high smog levels


Polluting the airwaves

Londoners are being urged not to drive in the UK’s lovely capital city today as pollution levels continue to soar for a second day.

Clean Air in London, a thriving campaign started by activist Simon Birkett, urged London mayor Sadiq Khan to issue an official warning on Monday as pollution levels moved from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’ in many parts of the city’s centre – said to be caused not just from the city itself but also from air moving in from France. One short-term and rapid-response solution to attempt to quash the bad air is to stop using as many vehicles around the city – something which Green Party baroness Jenny Jones urged locals to think about before their commute on Monday morning.

Time to switch to electric?

Of course, electric vehicle owners are more inclined to continue using their own means of transport in a guilt-free fashion (with the added bonus of not paying for the Congestion Charge, of course), with incident’s like this week’s sure to spur more potential buyers to seriously consider their next vehicle choices. Many believe that a total ban on combustion vehicles in the city isn’t as far away as we may think, taking to social media to express their passion for this law to be passed.

London air pollution


We’ve put together a handy guide about our top choices for EVs in London if you’re considering making the switch:

  • BMW i8 – for those who can’t live without a touch of inner-city bling
  • Tesla Model S – for those who like to waft around in discreet style
  • Renault Twizy – for those who really don’t give two hoots about what anyone thinks of them (and love the satisfaction of squeezing through traffic)

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