Chevy Bolt to sell at a $9K loss – but can this trend last?

Chevrolet Bolt

Too good to be true?

Hmmm, we did wonder if all the hype around the Chevy Bolt EV earlier this year was a little too good to be true. Last week, for a start, it was rather unfortunately leaked that the little hatchback which promises so much (200+mile range, 0-62 in less than 6.5secs, yada yada) would only be available in two states of the USA before 2017 (if we’re lucky), with a ‘slow flow’ release throughout the rest of the country at some time in 2017.

Chevrolet Bolt

Forecasting change

Unfortunately, a financial report published by Bloomberg released today analysing the growth of EVs in North America estimates that most electric cars currently sold there at the moment are being done so at a loss to meet requirements put on manufacturers to clean up their acts, with Chevrolet estimated to lose a huge $9000 (£7117) with every Bolt currently purchased.

While this is undoubtedly great for any potential customers to know, the bigger picture isn’t as peachy. Car firms, especially big ones, may be willing to afford taking a hit at present to keep up their green images and retain a decent relationship with the government, but the trend can’t last forever, president of CarLab, Eric Noble, reckons in the aforementioned report.