Could this be BMW’s first electric production superbike?

bmw eRR electric superbike

The i3 and i8 have clearly gone down well with BMW. So much so, in fact, that the München muscle has today released a concept electric motorbike, with hints that a production version isn’t far off.

The Motorrad division of the firm has been proudly shouting about the eRR bike all day, and we can see why. The two-wheeler is based on the award-winning S1000RR superbike, and would be the first of its kind if eventually released.

Stephan Schaller, head of BMW Motorrad, commented: “The [S1000]RR is setting standards. However, if acceleration on the first metres, up to 50, 60 kph, is the point, the RR’s 199 bhp have to admit defeat by another BMW product: the C evolution with its electric drive.” Could we be any more excited?!

We don’t know much more about this rather exciting development just yet, but will of course bring you the very latest when we have it…