Faraday Future set to unveil concept TONIGHT at CES Show

faraday future ces unveil

Well, we promised it, and it’s happening. Faraday Future is a matter of hours away from unveiling its concept electric car at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas. Looks like Tesla may finally have its first rival…

The mysterious, futuristic outfit has been the talk of the EV community for months now, with rumours of large investment and crazy proposed hypercars ensuring the name is never too far from the top of the headlines. The company ethos appears clean, ultra-modern and, of course, extremely cool, being the only firm apart from Tesla to manage to market cars in a similar style to brands such as Apple.

The wraps are coming off at 2000hrs PMT this evening (4am on Tuesday morning in the UK). Stay tuned as we bring you the full story tomorrow…


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Sam Preston
With years of car journalism behind him Mr EV Performance may have gone a little crazy, but charge him up and he's good to go!


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