Fisker set to return with new range of impressive EVs

Fiska Karma

Fisker Karma’s triumphant return

Remember the Fisker Karma, that slightly confused and possibly way-ahead-of-its time performance hybrid coupé that was sold between 2011-2012? Well, although a slightly questionable drivetrain, the fact it was released perhaps too early into the market and some embarrassing recalls dampened sales, the Californian-based firm’s head man, Henrik Fisker has this week revealed to Bloomberg that it’s coming back strong for 2017; releasing not only a Tesla Model S-rivalling super saloon, but more affordable models too.

Fiska Karma

Fiska’s Karma came with the neat touch of a solar panelled roof

Fisker pushing the limits?

“We really have been working in stealth mode,” he revealed to the website. He continued to say that Fisker had “technology that nobody else had, and there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there.” A bold claim seeing as Musks’ latest P100D-clad masterpieces are already reaching the limits of what’s seemingly possibly on regular roads, but rumours are that Fisker has some lightweight battery tech on standby that will help propel its proposed all-electric cars with some silly performance and range figures.

Range extension

Although the firm went bust in 2014, the Fisker brand itself was retained. This means the name can live on, and with a range of cars spanning from the £100,000-ish sports car and down to a £30,000 everyday car, all promising to be market leaders, this could be just the injection of competition the luxury EV world needs right now. Here’s hoping…

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