i3S set for Frankfurt unveiling

BMW i3S Frankfurt hot hatch ev electric car

Remember when we brought you the news back in November ’16 that rumours of a ‘sporty’ BMW i3 were circulating? Well, according to Autocar, we’re one step closer to seeing what could be the world’s first fully-electric hot hatch, as sightings in Germany suggest the ‘i3S’ will indeed make its debut appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Those of you who have driven or perhaps even tried to race an i3 will probably be able to appreciate that the standard car is no slouch – using its instant torque and nippy chassis to be able to keep up with cars it really shouldn’t be able to on twistier roads. So a breathed-on version, likely to be based on the car’s current setup (0-62mph in 7.3secs, 168bhp, 195-mile range etc etc), could easily bring it into the realms of the highly acclaimed Fiesta ST. Are electric cars about to become cool?

BMW i3S Frankfurt hot hatch ev electric car
Pic: Autocar

We’ll see how this one pans out, but being the first electric hot hatch on the scene could potentially give the i3S similar iconic status as the Mk1 Golf GTI. You never know…