Maserati vows to create electric sports car by 2020 – reports

Maserati Alfieri EV Electric Car

2020 is the magic number…

Another week, another manufacturer promising to release a sports EV by the now-fabled date of 2020. Today, it’s Maserati’s turn to confirm to a fully electric-powered production car by the end of the decade, if reports from Autocar are anything to go by.

The car in question will take the shape of the Alfieri two-door coupé first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 – a model which is set to be released with a twin-turbo V6 petrol engine in 2019, and with the electric-powered variant following one year later.

Images of the Alfieri released during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show depict what the car may look like

Performance potential…

This is a particularly controversial one for the EV haters as the passion-filled Italian firm is perhaps most famous for its cars creating such a fantastic noise. Still, the Alfieri was originally meant to be released in 2016 with a V8 motor, so maybe the die-hard fans have already suffered enough disappointment not to cause too much of a stir with today’s news.

For the rest of us, details are disappointingly vague at present, but we can expect pretty swift performance and potentially a range of up to 300 miles or more if the car is set to compete against the likes of Porsche’s Mission E and McLaren’s all-electric P1 which are due to be launched the same year.