Would you get in a car that had no one in it?
Musk's futuristic firm could let you sample its fantastic products with new 'Drive to Believe' campaign
The hotly anticipated new, 100 percent electric #Nissan #LEAF will feature state-of-the-art ProPILOT technology, enabling autonomous drive functionality in single-lane highway driving. The technology, operated at the touch of a single button, will control the steering, acceleration and braking...
The Renault ZOE is helping Slough Borough Council to progress on its Journey to Clean Air, as part of its Low Emissions Strategy to improve air quality for people living in the area.
The two car powerhouses will aim to bring hydrogen-powered car tech to the public quicker by working together
The firm boldly states its intentions to ramp up its electrified cars moving forward

Tesla June update

Its been a busy month with Tesla as they continue to push the technology and safety features forward in their premium product.
Packed with our most advanced technologies, the redesigned next-generation LEAF will amaze your senses and raise the bar for the electric vehicle market.
Today, NIO, a next-generation car company showcased 11 vehicles for its Chinese debut at the 2017 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.
Tesla’s new Model 3 saloon was handed over to its first customers at a launch event at the Fremont factory on Saturday.
Styling kits for the premium EV never looked so good...
Rimac Racing to showcase the Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One on 18th September at the European Hill Climb race in Buzet, Croatia.
Big things are rumoured for BMW's mini EV next year...
Huge range hikes left judges unsurprisingly impressed with the small EV
Electrified SUV will be with us by 2018, the company confirms
The new model will be a Mini SUV based on the Model 3 chassis, the head honcho reveals today
Over 1000 Destination Chargers were added in the continent over the last 12 months alone...
Big-screen star becomes Nissan’s electric vehicle ambassador; celebrates with street race...
Mini will introduce it's first plug-in hybrid, MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 , at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017, 29th June – 2nd July.
Mysterious EV firm confirms partnership with battery giant as EV rumours step up a gear

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