Would you get in a car that had no one in it?
It's broken the internet as the next big breakthrough in making cars more efficient. So we put it under the microscope...
Recent patent applications suggest the cars will have names such as EQB and EQS
Going for third party batteries could energise the market and cut costs
The firm aims for 15 new cars by 2022; many of which will have electrified powertrains...
Styling kits for the premium EV never looked so good...
The new model will be a Mini SUV based on the Model 3 chassis, the head honcho reveals today
"Solar and storage are at their best when they're combined..."
Elm EV have partnered with EV consultancy, Zero Carbon Futures, to promote the mass uptake of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the UK.
Electric 3-Wheeler retains impressive performance figures of petrol model; looks equally as fabulous
SUV haters may have to re-think the ‘Gas guzzler’ nickname
Bugatti's next king-of-cars is set for electrical assistance
Seven-seater, 4WD ‘Model X’ will begin production in September
Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the California-based electronics giant Apple had “several hundred” staffers working on an EV project, sending the internet into a flurry of excitement as everyone discussed what the brand would bring to...

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