Thursday, April 2, 2020

NEXTEV’s Turvey ready for action in Long Beach

We caught up with the young Brit ahead of his first race at Long Beach’s stunning street circuit.

EV Performance: Long Beach is another new circuit for you: does track acclimatisation add extra pressure for you compared to drivers that raced last season?

Turvey: I don’t think it adds pressure, if anything it reduces it as I don’t have the track experience that all the drivers who raced in Formula E last season do. I feel I have always been able to learn new tracks quickly and it’s certainly important skill for street circuits used in Formula E.

EV: How are you preparing yourself for each race?

T: There are many types of preparation, but I am consistently looking after my physical training, nutrition and mental strength to be in the best condition possible when I drive the car. In the shorter term, for each race my preparation involves studying the layout of the circuit, watching onboard videos from last season, and I have been spending some time driving the NEXTEV simulator with my engineers to arrive as well prepared as possible at the circuit.

EV: With Nelson competing – and winning – at Long Beach last year, does that help to share information and insight?

T: It definitely helps to have last year’s winner in the team and we are working well together to push NEXTEV TCR forwards as a team.


Oliver Turvey Formula E World Championship

EV: What will be most challenging about the event and circuit?

T: From what I have heard the track is very bumpy so this will make it challenging to drive as it adds an inconsistency to the car, but I am really looking forward to racing at Long Beach as it is one of the famous American street circuits.

EV: We’re now past the midpoint in the 2015-16 calendar: what’s your aim for the second half of the season?

T: It’s been a challenging season with the car package we have but my aim for the second half of the season is to maximise the potential of the equipment I have underneath me and to score more points than in the first half of the season.

EV Performance: How important is it to get the Formula E fans behind you each race?

T: It’s very important to get the Formula E fans behind you at each race as their support can have an influence in the race with the FanBoost vote so I’ll certainly be trying to sign as many autographs and speak to as many fans ahead of the race as I can.

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