Supercharger squatters beware: Tesla launches Idle Fee

Tesla Model S P90D road trip

EV etiquette

Electric car owners will know only too well the sheer rage brought on from seeing a fellow EV owner hogging a charging space when their car has clearly been brimming with fresh battery juice for some time.

And while we’re still getting used to the awkward politics behind the dos and don’ts of public charging, Tesla has this week launched a rather ingenious way to prevent space-hogging from arising with its Superchargers this week in the form of an Idle Fee – a small, per-minute charge faced by Model S or X owners when they leave their cars sitting in charging spaces once they’re fully charged.

Small fee to keep things moving

While Superchargers are free to use for owners who have opted for the Supercharger package with the purchase of their car, the Idle Fee runs at 30p per minute, which begins five minutes after the car has reached full charge.

With a dedicated Tesla app giving you live updates on charging and with the process itself being so damn fast anyway, we think this is a fantastic move from Tesla now that charging stations are beginning to become visibly more crowded (and that can’t be a bad sign…)

You can read more about the Idle Fee here.