Swap your boring car for a tesla for a week

Tesla Drive to Believe campaign

Drive to Believe

You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but the best way to experience the truly cutting-edge magic of a Tesla car really is to live with one for a few days. Company CEO Elon Musk clearly has a similar mindset about his futuristic products too, if his latest ‘Drive to Believe’ campaign is anything to go by.

Launched this week, the program gives European residents the chance to swap their cars over for a Model S or Model X over a one-week period, to discover what the hype is all about for themselves. Based on the small-print, it looks like people living in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark and Ireland are viable for the event, so long as they’re over 25 years of age, with applications being taken until the end of 2016.

Sample the madness

Whether it’s the P90D’s sub-three second 0-62mph time, or the grand tourer-style 300+ mile range, it really does take a couple of days for the Tesla’s incredibly unusual and fresh charm to sink in. Tesla is hoping this strategy will not only boost sales, but act as a dollop of organic advertising as those being lent the cars share their experiences with friends and family.


The firm also released this short video to go with the promotion:

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