Tesla SUV one step closer to reality

Tesla Model X

Whether you like it or not, SUVs are big sellers in this crazy modern world we live in. Porsche sells more Cayennes and Macans than the 911 it’s most famous for, and you’ve probably heard that the Lamborghini Urus SUV is also now well on its way.

It’s no surprise that Tesla was eventually going to create something similar but with its tech trickery we’ve come to love. In fact, the company’s SUV has been in the pipeline from the very start, but with lower than expected sales of the Model S sports car and a lack of abundance in Supercharger stations until recently, Elon Musk has kept quiet about when the jacked-up car in the range would finally be released.


Well, that time has now come. Musk reckons the 20,000 who have already put down their $5000 deposit in the States will start receiving their ‘Model X’s at the end of September. The car contains very much the same magic as the boundary-breaking Model S, with the addition of an extra row of seats in the back and four-wheel drive.

An SUV that you don’t have to feel guilty about driving? It’s sure to be a winner. Especially in the Eastern and North American markets. When we get our hands on it in Europe, we’re still not sure, but we’re guessing before the year’s out…