P100D arrives; claims to be quickest car on the road

Tesla's self-drive update

Things just got more ludicrous…

Today is an important day for performance motor vehicles. As the savage Tesla P100D-specced cars are finally officially unveiled, it beggars one question in particular: will we ever see a combustion-engined car top the ‘quickest production car’ chart again?

That’s the leaderboard Tesla has claimed ownership of today, with the P100D-equipped Model S hitting 0-60mph in an official 2.5 seconds, with its Model X SUV brother managing the sprint in 2.9 seconds. Just let that soak in for a second.

Sure, there are two or three cars that can do the launch quicker, namely the LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and a few of Bugatti’s finer supercars, but Tesla boldly claims in its blog post today about the new flagship models that because these were all “limited run, million dollar vehicles and cannot be bought new,” its 5+2 saloon and SUVs, readily available at a fraction of the price, are the real winners.

Tesla supercharges

Range extension

The new, larger 100kWh batteries offer up a range of around 315 miles for the Model S, and 289 for the Model X. Tesla also tells us that those who have ordered a P90D but not taken delivery can upgrade for $10k, while existing P90D owners that want to upgrade can get their hands on the new model for $20k.

We’ll end with the final paragraph from Tesla’s bumf about the new car, which is incredibly Tesla in its honesty and forward-thinking: “While the P100D Ludicrous is obviously an expensive vehicle, we want to emphasise that every sale helps pay for the smaller and much more affordable Tesla Model 3 that is in development. Without customers willing to buy the expensive Model S and X, we would be unable to fund the smaller, more affordable Model 3 development.”

We first announced that the P100D name was set to tip the P90D models back in March, after patents were filed and logos were leaked, which you can read about here.

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