Vegan seat option added to Tesla Model X specs

Tesla Model X Vegan

It’s not like┬áTesla owners didn’t already have enough to gloat about already. Their┬áprized possessions are already probably faster, quieter, and full of far more futuristic tech than Mr Jones’ Mondeo next door, but now there’s another reason for Elon Musk enthusiasts to be smug – the option of ‘vegan’ faux leather interiors.

Most vegans already had a pretty neat trick for dealing with leather seats – by simply opting for the cloth alternative instead. But Mr Musk didn’t want those with a penchant for the feel of leather under their buttocks to miss out, so took it one step further with imitation leather now appearing on the options list for the upcoming Model X SUV.

Working closely with PETA, the animal rights group, ticking the ‘Ultra White’ option on the interior spec list will result in a car with fake leather seats, steering wheel and gear knob. PETA explained how leather isn’t just bad because it kills animals, but also requires copious amounts of water and chemicals to be added to create the desired result.

What’s next, then? Wheels which are designed not to run over baby hedgehogs, perhaps?