Volvo confirms upcoming high-performance hybrids

Volvo hybrid Polestar S90 V90

Remember when we told you that Volvo had been rumoured to be toying with the idea of electric power? Well, we hate to be all smug, but it turns out we were pretty much bang-on with our predictions, as the firm has today revealed that hybrid power is well and truly on its way throughout the range.

What’s more, we’re not talking any old boring eco hybrids here, but instead using electric tech to increase the performance of the company’s higher-performance models. Winner!

The Polestar-badged hybrids will come in the form of Volvo’s all-new S90 saloon, alongside the soon-to-be-released V90 estate. Not the easiest market to break into, but finished in that signature light blue colour, and with a little hybrid tech, we can’t see this venture being a flop.

Watch out, Germany…