VW Passat GTE finally set to hit the showrooms

VW Passat GTE
VW Passat GTE

VW welcome the Passat GTE to British showrooms…

Almost a year later than it was supposed to (we wonder why that could be…), the VW Passat GTE is finally set to arrive in British showrooms soon.

The plug-in hybrid mid-sized saloon is set to be a crucial car in the progression of EVs as it caters for commuters and the company car market in a much more affordable way than most of its PHEV rivals have managed so far.

Ranging from just over £34k through to around £39k for the range-topping estate version, the car features the same 1.4 turbo engine as the Golf GTE, mated to an electric motor and automatic gearbox. With combined a combined mpg figure of 166, you can see why this could become so appealing for those that rack up the miles.

The Passat GTE will be able to run on full electric mode for around 31 miles, with a charging time of four hours (or two on a fast charge). Despite the rather uninspiring-sounding powertrain, it will hit 62mph in 7.6secs and go onto 140mph. 90s hot hatch performance with 166mpg? Welcome to the future, folks…

Whether these impressive figures will be able to help VW slip out of its cheating Dieselgate image remain to be seen. With several very nice diesel saloons available for much less cash, too, will the firm be able to persuade people to make the switch?

Registration on the Passat GTE is set to start later this month.