Wacky Spyker returns to conquer EV market

Spyker C8 Aileron

We’ve been dying to hear more news from eccentric Dutch car manufacturer Spyker since its ridiculously cool C8 supercar caught the public’s attention almost a decade ago. Remember it? The one with the luxury yacht-style steering wheel and beautiful polished-up exposed pedal box? Yep, that one.

You can therefore imagine how excited we were when we heard that not only was the fantastic company back in action, but its next car would be an EV!

After going bankrupt following a rather disastrous attempt to purchase the sinking Saab in 2011, the firm was proud to announce a recent partnership with luxury electric aircraft manufacturer Volta Volane, to create a new line of “elegant and classy electric motorcars and electric planes for years to come.”

With Volta Volane already producing a high-performance, 300bhp electric plane engine, we’re sure some seriously impressive cars are just around the corner.

Could this be the luxury leftfield answer to Tesla we’ve all been craving? We’ll find out when more details of Spyker’s first EV emerge…