Watch a Rimac Concept_One eat a LaFerrari for breakfast

Rimac Automobili Concept One.

Redefining fast

You know those YouTube videos of Teslas shaming sports cars and bikes on the road? There’s a fair few about, and they’re a great way of illustrating just how good these unassuming saloons are at shaming those who think they’re in something unbeatable. Our favourite is a superbike rider getting into one of the most Californian drag races possible against one of Musk’s pride and joys.

Anyway. Today, it’s time for the Model S to get a taste of its own medicine, and pretty much every other car for that matter, as British racer Archie Hamilton tests the might of the ballistic, Croatian-made Rimac Concept_One. We won’t dwell too much on just how mentally fast this thing looks against even some of the fastest current road cars, but hopefully it’ll give you some sort of idea as to what we can expect from the future of hypercars. To think there’s already a more crazy version in the form of the Concept_S in the pipeline makes us feel even more fizzy with excitement!

Enjoy the video…

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