Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Who exactly is Faraday Future?

It’s always the things in life that we don’t know much about that turn out to be the most interesting. The person under the Stig’s overalls, for example, or the whereabouts of Banksy, are both prime material for a bit of heated pub debate.

In the world of EVs, it’s Faraday Future that is causing a stir at the moment. The firm is said to have just received a $1 billion investment to create a concept electric car, with whisperings of a physics-defying model appearing from the firm at any moment.

The latest rumour is the the firm will unveil its first model at next year’s CES show, ahead of a 2017 launch. Promises include more range and performance than the Tesla, perhaps being fully autonomous too.

Whatever we hear, we’ll be sure to let you know. But for now, keep your ear to the ground…

Sam Preston
Sam Prestonhttp://www.evperformance.co.uk/author/editor/
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